♐ZUFCHO is a video posted to the second YouTube account on March 18, 2016. It was posted after a week-long pause after ♐REDLOC and at the start of a busy period for UFSC, that included ♐LONE, ♐WINGSET, ♐RETIO and ♐LIMIT (as well as the ♐CAB and ♐MUL series on twitter).

Thumbnail of ♐ZUFCHO Original Link

Description of video

The video is 0:03 in duration. It contains a stereo audio track. A voice in left channel speaks an unknown phrase, sounding something like “azey-kay-yeero”. The right channel has the Unknown Voice speaking the letter “E” plus the Handshake.


Analysis of spoken words in Left Channel

One version of the cleaned-up audio of the spoken words can be heard here: Zufcho-cleanup

Discord user alexbassguy observed, “I have no idea how to go about finding where [the spoken words are] from, but after working with it much of today, I’m pretty confident that it says ‘I will still love you’.” They also provided this cleaned-up version: Media:ZUFCHO - LEFT CHANNEL CLEANED.wav. (As well as the right channel: Media:ZUFCHO - RIGHT CHANNEL CLEANED.wav.)

After further analysis, they observe: “I worked more on the ZUFCHO mystery and was able to get the voice even clearer I pitched it up and sped it up slightly, plus did some more EQing and processing to try and get it clearer… Now it sounds much more like ‘(Ella?) will still love you’. I don’t think it’s an I at the beginning anymore, but the rest of it sounds pretty damn close.” Media:ZUFCHO - LEFT CHANNEL CLEANED 2.wav

(This is not a consensus conclusion, and other listeners do not hear the “love you” in the audio.)

Other Audio Analysis

Discord user Risto notes that the “right channel has… the handshake at 490 Hz.”

Meaning of title

The meaning of this video’s title is unknown.

The incorrect assumption that “Zufcho” means “star” in Hebrew

Shortly after ♐ZUFCHO’s original posting on youtube, this was posted on reddit:


When it was observed that the image in the [https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%9B%D7%95%D7%9B%D7%91| Hebrew-language wikipedia article for “Star”] contained an image of the Sagittarius Star Cloud, it became widely-assumed that “zufcho” was Hebrew for “star”. (this train of thought may also have been encouraged by speculation that ♐REVI was also possibly a Hebrew word.)

However, “zufcho” is not Hebrew for “star”. (Further research seems to suggest it’s not a word in that language at all, although this reflects searches on transliterated words like “זופכּוֹ”, which may be incorrectly constructed.) The title word of the Hebrew-language wikipedia article is “כוכב”, which is procounced something like “ko-have”.

There were contemporaneous indications that an incorrect assumption had been made:


However, this was ignored in favour of the fortuitous connection in the Wikipedia article.

In February 2020, discord user alexmagnus inquired as to “where does the notion that zufcho is hebrew for star come from though?” This lead to some re-investigation clarifying the facts above.

Contemporaneous Reddit Threads