♐REDLOC is a video posted to the second YouTube account on March 18, 2016, after a break of more than a week on youtube. (It was, however, posted three days after the second G+ post and around the same time as the ♐LEE series began on twitter.)

Original Link

The “Announcement”

In a unique occurrence, this video was “announced” on the twitter account (with a tweet simply reading “♐REDLOC”) at around the same time it was posted to youtube. Given that the second youtube account and the twitter account were both new at the time, this served to reinforce that the same user (or users) was in control of both accounts.


Screencap of twitter account by reddit user SuckItWhoville

Description of video

The video is 4:32 in duration. It contains a mono audio track of heavily-distorted “calliope”/ragtime music. Although the file is named REDLOC, the Unknown Voice spells out “R-E-D-L-O-C-K” (with a “K”) near the start of the video.

Meaning of name

Besides conceptually relating to ♐LOCK, ♐DELOCK and ♐RELOCK, it has been noted that REDLOC is “colder” spelled backwards.

Composite Image

Instead of a conventional composite, this composite is a long exposure which shows all non-black pixels at once.


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