♐LEE is a series of videos that was uploaded to the twitter account between March 18 and March 24, 2016. It is the third series posted in the twitter account, following ♐EL and ♐RIA. The last video posted was ♐LEE 16323, although it appears there were some numbers skipped while posting. In any case, only 7,653 videos have been archived.

The videos in this series are in the “classic” UFSC style, three second long videos, with frames of a single color and the Unknown Voice saying a letter or number. It has been noted that this series included longer pauses while uploading, as well as numerical leaps in the numbered videos.

This series is semi-preserved, and some of the videos have been scraped and are available here. A composite has been made of the available videos.


incomplete LEE composite

This composite was made from scraped videos combined with Tomas’s Composite

Contemporaneous reddit threads