Google Plus

Until the service’s end in April 2019, Google/Youtube accounts also included a Google Plus (G+) account. The UFSC G+ page belonged to the same account as the second youtube account, and the messages on it are assumed to be authentic messages from UFSC’s creator(s).

G+ post 1

The first post on the unfavorable semicircle G+ page was posted on 2016-03-14. It contained garbled text that contained links to the new youtube account and the twitter account.

At Mar 14, 2016, 12:11:50 PM AEDT A cryptic post was made to the Google+ page linked with the orginal youtube channel. This was decoded to point to the twitter page linked above.

screenshot of this post missing! please add

This post was removed shortly after it was discovered.

G+ post 2

The second post on the unfavorable semicircle G+ page was posted on 2016-03-15. The only content was the word “MAX_TEND”.

A video named ♐MAX_TEND would later be posted to the second youtube account on 2016-07-14.

This post was deleted some time between 2016-09-13 and 2016-09-16. A new, related, post, reading MAX_TENDMALFORM was posted on 2016-09-23. Around the same time, the video ♐MAX_TEND was renamed to ♐MAX_TEND MALFORM.

Meaning of “MAX_TEND”

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G+ post 3

The third post on the G+ page was posted on 2016-09-22.

The text read:

MAX_TENDMALFORM RETSPLIT&#8853201639#98082016239

screencap of third G+ post

At around the same time (although the precise timing is unclear) ♐MAX_TEND was renamed ♐MAX_TEND MALFORM. The next day, new videos (♐RECOVER and ♐BROTHER) started appearing after a two-month hiatus.

Interpretations of this post

The latter parts of the numbers can be interpreted as two dates: 2016-23-9 and 2016-3-9 (Year-Day-Month). These refer to the dates that Stabilitory newing and the new unfavorable semicircle channel started posting new videos.

9808 is the unicode codepoint for ♐ in decimal, which precedes the titles of all unfavorable semicircle videos. 8853 is ⊕ (CIRCLED PLUS) (source), which precedes the titles of all Stabilitory newing videos.

⊕ may refer to


Some time on 2019-03-27, this message (and all other content) on the G+ page was removed. This occurred several days before the service’s schedule shutdown on 2019-04-02.


G+ post 4

After it was noticed that the third G+ post was deleted, a new post was discovered on March 28. It was the first indisputable appearance of UFSC on social media since the Reset.

The text read:




Possible interpretations

♐REAL may point out that the below given social media links are real representations of UFSC, implying that the 3rd youtube channel and the post-reset incarnation of Twitter are fake. (Or, to use a different vocabulary, a new “fork” of the project by a different creator.)

“Homesick” / ♐DELOCK

On June 19, 2020, Discord user Freezepond observed that the music in ♐DELOCK appears to be a manipulated version of “Homesick”, recorded by Bailey’s Lucky Seven. (Gennett 4979, the b-side to “Carolina In The Morning”.) This would seemingly explain the comment “HOMESICKDELOCK” in this post.