Until the service’s end in April 2019, Google/Youtube accounts also included a Google Plus (G+) account. The UFSC G+ page belonged to the same account as the second youtube account, and the messages on it are assumed to be authentic messages from UFSC’s creator(s).

G+ post 1

The first post on the unfavorable semicircle G+ page was posted on 2016-03-14. It contained garbled text that contained links to the new youtube account and the twitter account.

At Mar 14, 2016, 12:11:50 PM AEDT A cryptic post was made to the Google+ page linked with the orginal youtube channel. This was decoded to point to the twitter page linked above.

[https://www.reddit.com/r/UnfavorableSemicircle/comments/4af177/ufsc_is_back/| from the UFSC reddit page]

screenshot of this post missing! please add

This post was removed shortly after it was discovered.

G+ post 2

The second post on the unfavorable semicircle G+ page was posted on 2016-03-15. The only content was the word “MAX_TEND”.

A video named ♐MAX_TEND would later be posted to the second youtube account on 2016-07-14.

This post was deleted some time between 2016-09-13 and 2016-09-16. A new, related, post, reading MAX_TENDMALFORM was posted on 2016-09-23. Around the same time, the video ♐MAX_TEND was renamed to ♐MAX_TEND MALFORM.

Meaning of “MAX_TEND”

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G+ post 3

The third post on the G+ page was posted on 2016-09-22.

The text read:

MAX_TENDMALFORM RETSPLIT&#8853201639#98082016239

screencap of third G+ post

At around the same time (although the precise timing is unclear) ♐MAX_TEND was renamed ♐MAX_TEND MALFORM. The next day, new videos (♐RECOVER and ♐BROTHER) started appearing after a two-month hiatus.

Interpretations of this post

The latter parts of the numbers can be interpreted as two dates: 2016-23-9 and 2016-3-9 (Year-Day-Month). These refer to the dates that Stabilitory newing and the new unfavorable semicircle channel started posting new videos.

9808 is the unicode codepoint for ♐ in decimal, which precedes the titles of all unfavorable semicircle videos. 8853 is ⊕ (CIRCLED PLUS) ([[https://www.reddit.com/r/UnfavorableSemicircle/comments/545zv4/google_post/| source]), which precedes the titles of all Stabilitory newing videos.

⊕ may refer to


Some time on 2019-03-27, this message (and all other content) on the G+ page was removed. This occurred several days before the service’s schedule shutdown on 2019-04-02.


G+ post 4

After it was noticed that the third G+ post was deleted, a new post was discovered on March 28. It is the first indisputable appearance of UFSC on social media since the Reset.

The text read:




Possible interpretations

♐REAL may point out that the below given social media links are real representations of UFSC, implying that the 3rd youtube channel and the post-reset incarnation of Twitter are fake.

The meaning of HOMESICKDELOCK and STATICINDEF might be, that UFSC will return on the anniversary of Delock, which is 29th of december