♐♐CULLET was a video posted to the “OT” youtube channel on or around June 19, 2017. Because that channel was generally considered to be a tribute or copycat channel before the fourth G+ post, it did not receive as much analysis on its release. It is one of two unique videos posted to that account, the other being ♐♐LOYAL.

Description of video

♐♐CULLET is 4:49:36 in length with a series of flashing frames. It has a low humming/mechanical audio track.

Meaning of Name

“Cullet” is a name for glass that is crushed and ready to be remelted in the process of recycling.


2-D Composite


♐♐CULLET 2-D composite by discord user mark the third

3-D Composite


this is a screengrab from a reddit thread, maker unknown