unfavorable semicircle was a youtube channel controlled by the maker(s) of UFSC. Its date of establishment was unknown.

Within the solving community, this channel was widely viewed as a copycat or tribute channel. However, this was listed as a “REAL” outlet in the fourth G+ post, referred to as “OT”, possibly for “other”. Because it was not assumed to be genuine up to that point, it received mostly cursory attention. Ironically, however, due to the inner workings of search engine indexing, this channel (not the “main” one) was listed first in searches, and its videos often had more views (by an order of magnitude or more) than the original channel’s videos.

This channel disappeared from youtube sometime before November 21, 2017 (when it was first noted to have been deleted), and was therefore possibly removed in the Reset.

Distinguishing Features

Videos on this channel were titled with two leading Sagittarius symbols (“♐♐”).

This channel regularly reposted older videos from UFSC (from before the ♐BROTHER series). It’s unknown whether or not the reposted files were altered in any way.

Besides re-posting videos, this channel posted two unique videos: ♐♐LOYAL and ♐♐CULLET. These were originally considered to be derived from actual UFSC videos.