♐MAX_TEND is a video posted to the second youtube account on Jul 14,

  1. Its name is ambiguously related to [https://plus.google.com/100522957117354193465/posts/KJUyUJ3xtV4| a post] with the same words on the original account’s G+ page.

On 2016-09-23 it was renamed to ♐MAX_TEND MALFORM. (The day before, a message with the same phrase appeared on the Google plus page). It appears the name was changed around the same time ♐RECOVER was posted.

Original Link

Description of video

The video is 27:25 in duration. The video contains a static brown frame with pixel “fingerprint”. One of the pixels is outlined in white. It contains a mono audio track. The Unknown Voice spells out FREEBIRD3 near the beginning. The audio track also contains a near-inaudible series of throbbing sounds with a large amount of DC offset.

Meaning of “FREEBIRD3”

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The password-like “FREEBIRD3” is similar to the spelled-out “IANNOP6” near the beginning of DELOCK.