♐RECOVER is a video posted to the second youtube account on September 23, 2016. It was the first video posted since ♐MAX_TEND on July 14th.

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Description of video

The video is 0:07 in duration. The visuals contain black and white horizontal lines before a flickering series of vertical lines (first black and white, later blue and cyan.)

the audio is a stereo track with totally separate information in each channel. The left has a “lockgroove” sound, like a record needle, which appears to be the same sound repeated 3 2/3rds times (the file ends during the 4th repetition). The right channel has two “pure” tones, similar to data or test tones. The second, higher one has a significant amount of DC offset.


A composite of the various frames illustrates how the lines are continuous with each other.


RECOVER composite, frames re-arranged horizontally

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