♐MUL is a series of 3979 videos that was uploaded to the twitter account on March 27 to March 29, 2016. It is the fifth series posted in the twitter account. It began twelve hours after the end of the ♐CAB series on twitter and immediately after ♐WINGSET was posted to the youtube channel. (♐RETIO was posted to youtube while this series was in progress, and ♐LIMIT would be posted on youtube about six hours after ♐MUL ended on twitter). At 4096 videos, this series is four times as large as ♐CAB.

Like ♐CAB, the videos in this series differ from the “classic” UFSC style: they are three to five seconds, and the Unknown Voice has been replaced by a series of static-y bursts.

Audible binary

It has been postulated that these contain 19 different audio-encoded binary bytes, as in ♐CAB, but work on this is incomplete.


MUL composite.png

♐MUL composite



An archive of all ♐MUL videos is available here.

Possible meanings of name

It has been noted that MUL is Sumerian for “star”. (See Babylonian star catalogues).

Advanced twitter search of ♐MUL series: https://twitter.com/search?q=%E2%99%90mul%20from%3Aunfavorablesemi&src=typd