♐RETIO is a video posted to the second YouTube account on March 28, 2016. It was posted near the end of a busy period for UFSC, one day after ♐WINGSET (and the ♐MUL series on twitter) and one day before ♐LIMIT.

Original Link

Description of video

The video is 3:23 in duration. The video contains shifting colored pixels. It contains a mono audio track of “calliope”/ragtime music. This video has perhaps the least distorted-sounding audio of any of the “ragtime” tracks.


A cleaned-up version on the ♐RETIO audio can be heard here. (It is mis-titled delock, but it is actually ♐RETIO.)

Away Down East In Maine

The original audio seems to be from a song called “Away Down East In Maine”, which was written by Walter Donaldson and recorded in 1922 by Miss Patricola with the Virginians. (Victor ‎– 18976, the b-side to “Lovin’ Sam (The Sheik Of Alabam’)”).

This was discovered by /u/KomischerKauz on 2017-07-25.

The audio from ♐RETIO and this particular recording “Away Down East In Maine” seem to align.

There is speculation as to whether the visuals in ♐RETIO correspond to the changes in the song’s video.