♐REVI is a video posted by the Unfavorable Semicircle Twitter account on December 27, 2017 at 8:18 PM EST. It is 41 seconds long. It was posted four days after the ♐STRAND series. The twitter account was silent until posting four days later on New Year’s Eve.

(backup of video posted to youtube by discord user unstable olding.)


It has been noted by Discord user scottywiththebody that Yom Reviʻi (יום רביעי‬ [abbr. יום ד׳‬], meaning “fourth day” and corresponding to Wednesday) is a day in the Hebrew calendar. (see also ♐ZUFCHO.) ♐REVI was posted on December 27, 2017 which was, in fact, a Wednesday.

“Revi” is also the username name of a wikipedia steward, and is the name of a miraheze staff member.



(composite at width of 37 pixels by discord user extra)

This short video makes a small composite that doesn’t seem to make a specific image.

Discord user unfavorablist has noted that the horizontal red lines in the top half are reminiscent of ♐CREM.