♐NIL is a series of videos that was uploaded to the twitter account between April 10 and June 6, 2016. It is a large series of over thirty thousand videos.

After posting an unnamed series of tweets, ♐NIL was posted in fits and starts, sometimes stopping for hours and then days before resuming.

♐NIL 30661 was posted on May 15 (shortly before the ♐BRINE series began on youtube) but the final ♐NIL tweet ♐NIL 30662 wasn’t posted until June 16, alongside two unnamed videos (♐658427 + ♐574016).

The videos in this series are in the “classic” UFSC style, three second long videos, with frames of a single color and the Unknown Voice saying a letter or number. The vast majority (or, although is not proven, all) of the videos are 3134 bytes.

This series is well preserved, and the videos have been scraped. Composites have been made.


NIL is part of the BRILL Composite group. NIL’s composite is almost identical to BRILL, with the exception of colored lines, which divide the composite up into different portions (?)

 NIL composite combined.png

combined NIL composite

Unaltered: http://tomasf.se/projects/semi/nil/composite.png

Brightness: http://tomasf.se/projects/semi/nil/NIL_composite_brightness.png

Hue: http://tomasf.se/projects/semi/nil/NIL_composite_hue.png

Combined: http://i.imgur.com/AbJboYf.png

Relationship of composites

NIL’s composite is very similar to BRILL’s. And it has been postulated that the NIL composite is the same image as ♐N* BRILL and ♐BRILL 49999, depicting the same topological structure, but at different zoom levels. The features are larger in some of them and smaller in others.


A transcription of all the videos is available here.

Possible cipher data

The transcription corresponds closely with a Bifid cipher using a 6×6 Polybius square, according to a cipher comparison utility.

For more investigation, a brute force or dictionary attack can be done using the CryptoCrack utility.

Curiously, an advanced twitter search of the ♐NIL series only returns the final tweet: https://twitter.com/search?q=%E2%99%90nil%20from%3Aunfavorablesemi&src=typd