♐BRILL is a series of videos that was uploaded to the first and second YouTube accounts between February 14 and March 9, 2016. The original youtube account was suspended on February 25th, after more than twenty-nine thousand BRILL videos were posted. The series began with ♐BRILL B, then began with numbered videos counting up from ♐BRILL 0. (the last was ♐BRILL 29273.) The second youtube account, after posting ♐RELOCK, ♐BRILL 49999 and ♐N* BRILL, resumed from ♐BRILL 49999 (a “regular” BRILL video different than ♐BRILL 49999) and continued to ♐BRILL 50099.

Description of video

“Typical” BRILL videos are five seconds in duration, contain a single colored frame, and have the Unknown Voice speaking a single letter or number.


BRILL composite


The BRILL Composite page has more information on the similarities to other video composites.

3d Composite



There is a transcription of these videos here.

Relationship to special ♐BRILL videos and to ♐BRINE

is ♐N* BRILL a compilation of the individual videos? Do the ♐BRINE videos, which create a similar composite, have the same data? This requires further investigation.

Possible meanings of name

Relationship to brill tagging

please expand

[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brill_tagger| https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brill_tagger]


Apparently https://brill.com is a large scholarly repository. UFSC could be using information in these videos to point to data within this system to use as a complex cypher incapable of being easily reasoned. Definitely worth checking out.