♐N*BRILL is a video posted to the second youtube account on March 9,

  1. It was posted twelve days after the “long” ♐BRILL 49999 and on the same day as the short video of the same name. (It was also around this time that the twitter account was launched.)

Original Link

Description of video

The video is 6:56:47 in length (or 25,007 seconds). Like many UFSC videos, it contains (possibly deliberately-encoded) errors that cause playback difficulties in some platforms.


Reddit user /u/Cybernetic_Overlord believes that ♐N* BRILL points to Unfavorable Semicircle’s videos being heavily encrypted music. When sped up, ♐N* BRILL shows evidence of containing a repeating rhythm. The same user claims to have shown that ♐N* BRILL may actually contain all the beats of every video in the ♐BRILL series, although no peer review has occurred to lend or take away credibility from this.

Relationship to BRILL series

It is stated by Discord user tomasf that this video is “basically just the first 5000 frames of BRILL”.



 BRILLN composite.png

♐N* BRILL composite

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