Hearthstone is a 2014 online collectible card-game by Blizzard Entertainment. In February 2024, investigation of audio composites revealed that the game’s icon, a stylized compass was contained within ♐LOCK’s audio data, which Discord user Piecat then identified as being from Hearthstone through a reverse-image-search on Google.

A collage with a section of ♐LOCK’s audio composite on the left and one version of the IOS game logo on the right:


Further investigation

Discord user ShinyQuagsire has pin-pointed the 2015 IOS icon to be the exact version used, which was likely to be the current one at the time ♐LOCK was uploaded:


Dom: here’s the best image I could come up with after repairing the clipped peaks, removing DC offset, sampling the high point of each 128 length block, adding 56 black pixels after the voice interlude, and lining everything up [visually] by hand.

Based on visual comparison, I’d say this is the red channel of the hearthstone logo, not a true black and white version


Dom: Found another copy of hearthstone logo in LOCK

Easiest to see at the bottom, where the noise is least. You can also see the vertical lines along the left side.

This one is found immediately after the first, and it has a width of 192 pixels, the first was 256 pixels.


Composite by ShinyQuagsire:


Other similarities

Since this discovery, many similarities between the game and UFSC have been found, including:

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