♐DIAGONAL is a video posted to the second youtube account on January 28,

  1. It was the first video posted after a three-week break on the youtube account (♐UPRIGHT was posted on January 21st) and was posted the day before two new series began: ♐MOTH (on youtube) and ♐POINT (on twitter).

Original Link

Description of video

The video is 24:30 in length. The visuals contain a flickering series of monochrome frames. The sound is in mono, and there is no audio after the 3:30 mark.

Audio & analysis

The isolated audio from ♐DIAGONAL can be found here.

When sped up to approximately the length of the opening sound from ♐MOTH (~15 seconds) it sounds like this.

It appears to sound like the result of exporting non-audio file data into audacity, or layering multiple high db offset tracks onto eachother.

Significance of name and relationship to other videos

The significance of the name ‘diagonal’ is as yet unclear.

Conceptually, ♐DIAGONAL seems related to the visual style of ♐RECOVER. Except for the fact that it was also posted after a notable “pause” in new material from UFSC, it is unclear if or how the two are related.


2-D Composite

 Diagonal - horizontal

♐DIAGONAL composite. (add creator credit when known!)

3-D Composite

 DIAGONAL - screecap of vantjac's 3D

screencap of ♐DIAGONAL 3-D composite by vantjac

This composite can be browsed in a 3-D projection here.

The 3-D Composite appears to show a definite constrained shape.