♐PORT is a video posted to the 3rd youtube channel account on December 31, 2017. It is 1:13:38 (however due to encoding errors it only shows up as 1:13:29) long and contains a series of moving images. The 3rd youtube channel was opened on December 10th, but undiscovered until decrypting the New Year’s Eve tweet on January 1, 2018.


The word “port” has multiple meanings, but most interestingly it could refer to:



(composite by discord user extra)

Details in composite

User unstable olding noticed there are “dots and dashes” (similar to ♐DEPTH) in the top left corner that could be Morse Code:


This has been decoded by discord user ShadowMorphyn as “NDMTEGD”.

There appears to be a string of letters and numbers in the bottom left corner:


Discord user Unfavorablist spotted the two “1”’s in the centre-right portion. The entire string might be “5 T 1 1 S S 5 1”.

Audio analysis

There is an intermittent high-pitched tone throughout the audio track. Visual analysis of the spectrogram shows 28 such bursts:


(spectrogram by discord user ShadowMorphyn)

Closer observation shows there are, in fact, four high-frequency “spikes” in the audio: the largest at 2815 Hz, and then at roughly 5600 Hz, 8490 Hz and 14200 Hz.


(frequency analysis by discord user Unfavorablist)

(An audio sample with those high frequencies removed can be heard here.)

Also of note is that it appears that all audio frequencies above 13000 Hz have been cut.

Underneath that high tone and throughout the track is a sputtering stereo track with almost musical features that may or may not be looped throughout the duration of the file. Near the end of the track, there is the normal audio but with a higher pitch.