♐NODE is a video posted to the 3rd youtube channel account on January 22, 2018. It is 2:19:20 long and contains a series of moving images. It was posted 18 days after ♐RUN. ♐SERN would be posted four days later.


The audio track is mostly silent, except for 5 sound-bursts:

Those sounds, with the silence between them removed can be heard here.

The “Melody”

The final audio section has a clear melody and is the subject of continued investigation.


(audio transcription by discord user A Hidden Waffle — listenable here)

Discord user alexander later provided a more elaborate transcription of the melody:


alexander has also confirmed that “the melody is written in the 432hz tuning.”

Similarities to “the Windowlicker”

It has been noted by Discord user scottywiththebody that the “subway brake squeal” bares some striking resemblance to the screeching limo in Aphex Twin’s “the Windowlicker” music video. Discord user Ryallin further noted that the crunchy noise also bares some resemblance to the mechanical groans of the limo. Noises start at 3:50.

alexander’s later analysis concurs that “it is 100% a blatant sample of windowlicker”.

Additional Analysis

Discord user alexbassguy notes that the audio “contains a few distorted passages of synthesizer. However, the nature of the distortion isn’t the same as ‘old’ ufsc. It’s just clipped really badly, not… altered, in that beautiful real UFSC way that I’ve always been fascinated by. I can also easily recreate those artifacts pretty quickly and simply.”


please elaborate


2-D Composite


(composite by discord user extra)

It has been noted by Discord user Raketemensch that there are visual similarities between this composite and certain paintings by Wassily Kandinsky.

Details in composite


This has been the subject of further research — see “morse code” section below.


(“flag” from ♐NODE on the left, “flag” (a.k.a. “the lasagne”) from ♐HARVEST on the right)

It’s possible that these were meant for vertical calibration when selecting composite widths.

3-D Composite


(composite by discord user tukkek)

“Morse code”

Discord user NKC1982 performed analysis of the “Morse code” in the top left of the composite. Their method and conclusions:

(see also NKC1982’s observations for ♐RUN.)