♐GOLDEN is a video posted to the second youtube account on March 18,

  1. It was the first video posted after an almost two-week break on the youtube account (♐MOTH 55 was posted on March 4th) and the day before the start of the ♐DUAL series.

Original Link

Description of video

The video is 5:33:49 in length. It has a series of flashing frames that create a 2-D composite.

Audio & analysis

Unusually, the audio is different as played on youtube than in a downloaded version. The downloaded version has a high-pitched tone in the background throughout that is not audible when watching on youtube.

Significance of name and relationship to other videos

The significance of the name ‘golden’ is as yet unclear.


2-D Composite

♐GOLDEN Composite by ShadowMorphyn

♐GOLDEN Composite by ShadowMorphyn

The composite creates a grid with four different images, similar to ♐HARVEST.

Significant data in the composite

Text in composite

Similar to ♐HARVEST, it appears that there is text encoded at the bottom of the top right quadrant. it is not yet clear what it says.

 GOLDEN text.png

closeup of text in ♐GOLDEN composite

Similarity to ♐RAPID?

The top-left quadrant has a schematic/wireframe look similar to ♐RAPID. It also looks possible that it can be “folded” and re-aligned as with ♐BROTHER.

3-D Composite

none yet!