♐NEO is a video posted to the 3rd youtube channel account on April 29, 2018. It was posted exactly one month after ♐COEF, and four days before the beginning of the ♐AZO series.


♐NEO is 7:58:24 long and contains a series of rapidly-flashing images. Discord user kingrodian has noted that the video has 717614 frames.


The file contains a stereo audio track with rapid spluttering noises for the first seven minutes of the video, gradually increasing in speed. It abruptly cuts off at 7:29, after which it is silent.

The audio has been passed through a low-pass filter or similar, leaving a very distinctive “cliff” (at just under 15000Hz) visible in a frequency analysis


screenshot of an Audacity frequency analysis captured by discord user Unfavorablist




(♐NEO composite as square)

There seems to be no obvious “proper” width for this composite.

According to Discord user Tohwil, there are 6136 unique colors in the composite. Discord user kingrodian has noted that when separating into color channels, there is pretty much no data in blue. (Compare and contrast with ♐AZO 0, which similarly has no green.)



(♐NEO 3-D composite by tukkek)


(screencaps of two perspectives of ♐NEO’s 3-D composite in extra’s reader)


(animated render of ♐NEO’s 3-D composite by extra)

The 3-D composite for ♐NEO is visually similar to the one for ♐AZO 0, looking like a “keyboard” that is nearly flat in the third dimension. The 3-D composite for ♐NEO looks visually similar to a tree.

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