BRILL 49999 (Long)

♐BRILL 49999 is a video posted to the second youtube account on February 25, 2016. (There is also a short video with the same name that is a regular member of the BRILL series.)

Original Link

Description of video

The video is 21:55 in duration. It has a stereo audio track. the right channel has data transmission sounds and the left channel has what appears to be a distorted/warbled version of the right channel. The audio also contains shifting amounts of DC offset.

Spoken numbers

In the right channel, several series of numbers are spoken. At about 1:44: “8999”, and about 16:35: “4999”. (There are possibly more.)

However, at around 10:30 it seems that “0” is spoken in the left channel, followed by “2999” in the right.


At around 1:11 to 1:33 there is morse-code-like sounds. Isolated audio

Visual Oddities

Discord user its a-me markio has noted that some of the “keyholes”/dots have a trailing effect. (These may also appear in other videos — further research is required.)

Composite Image



Alternate width of 789.5:


BRILL 49999 is part of the BRILL Composite group.

3D Composite


relationship to BRILL series

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