(See also the Composite visual overview.)

A 3D composite is created by plotting the colors of each pixel in a composite image on a 3D graph, mapping RGB values to XYZ positions.

Many of the video composites produce shapes in 3D. For example, BREADTH is an atom-like shape with nested spheres of increasingly higher density, surrounded by 3 rings. And JALVINSACH has the outline of some cubes.


Viewing 3D Composites

The “path=” file can be changed to any other .stl file on tomasf’s website:

http://tomasf.se/projects/semi/stl.html?path=(NAME OF COMPOSITE)_composite3D.stl

e.g: http://tomasf.se/projects/semi/stl.html?path=BREADTH_composite3D.stl

Slower, but with color and alternate viewing modes: https://unfavorablesemicircle.github.io/3d-viewer/

3D composites can also be produced with MATLAB or Octave.

Shapes or Patterns Seen in 3D Composites

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