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(Adapted from this reddit thread. Some of these have been discussed further or have possibly been tentatively dismissed on other threads.)

Successful ideas

  • Combining frames into composites (this began with ♐RELOCK and has been subsequently applied to most videos)
  • Creating 3D Composites from the composites. The clearest example is with BREADTH, it is unclear whether any others are meant to be viewed this way.
  • digging through recordings on wax cylinder and 78 rpm records to identify the song in ♐RETIO. UPDATE: The song has tentatively been identified as the 1922 recording of "Away Down East In Maine" by Miss Patricola with the Virginians.
  • efforts have been made to reverse engineer the videos, or to understand the process by building new videos "from the ground up".

Needing further investigation

Below is a short list of things that have been tried/discussed, feel free to revisit these or use them as a starting point.

  • creating XOR composites (such as was done with ♐FOND)
  • finding a common method of pitch shifting and/or speeding up/slowing down videos (so far this hasn't shown any interesting results, but isn't something that should be ruled out)
  • discovering if images are viable as Piet Code. Piet is a graphical programming language. It uses images that are vaguely similar to UFSC images. An effort was made to run ♐DELOCK as Piet, but it didn't go too far
  • analysis of frame durations was done on ♐DELOCK.
  • furthering work with bulk transcription of the audio (such as was done with ♐BRILL) and finding ways to analyze the results
  • finding if composites or other images could be related to 4D color barcodes used for high capacity data encoding and decoding
  • analyzing audio for encoded data streams (such as FSK)
  • investigating further if ♐BRILL is related to Brill tagging or the Brill Building Sound
  • analyzing anagrams: there have been many threads on anagrams, with no substantial results
  • working to discover the very meaning of the phrase Unfavorable Semicircle
  • analyzing ♐CAB videos (for .cab files) or embedded audible binary
  • applying further analysis to the composites to confirm if they are indeed different images of the same thing (possibly at different zoom levels)
  • interpreting the message in ♐CREM
  • analyzing existing data to confirm the linkages between them. (i.e. how, precisely do the short and long ♐BRILL videos relate? Are they the same frames repackaged? Are ♐BRILL and ♐BRINE similarly related?)
  • reverse-engineering the process used to create the distortion and other audio effects in the UFSC videos; finding if there is a reason for the use of DC offset and other unorthodox audio engineering techniques
  • figuring out how deliberate encoding errors (found in ♐LIMIT and many more videos) are being introduced to the videos
  • It has been demonstrated that the ♐DEPTH videos contain 100 discrete sounds, and they seem to be sounds recycled from other videos. Further analysis is needed to find out more about these sounds: can they be assembled into one continuous message? Is the use of 100 pieces a sign of a code or hidden puzzle?
  • FOND videos are listed on youtube with a length of 27:45. But they play as video (and open in Audacity) with a length of 23:45. Do these videos have three "hidden" minutes like in ♐LIMIT?
  • Some videos appear to have identical sounds to previously-posted videos when they are sped up or slowed down. (e.g.LOCUS's soundtrack transforms into data transmission-type sounds when sped up several hundred times.) Is this the same audio that is in other videos? What is the significance of this?
  • Verifying exactly where the Lame 3.99.5 tags on LOVE are coming from. Checking if other videos have them.
  • Studying which dates and times UFSC uses to upload his content and seeing if any pattern emerges
  • Creating 3D composites of interesting sections of an image (like with HARVEST).
  • Layering composites of videos over each other
  • Discord user Parogar found a selfie-type image (via allegedly associated with the email