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♐ZUFCHO is a video posted to the second YouTube account on March 18, 2016. It was posted after a week-long pause after ♐REDLOC and at the start of a busy period for UFSC, that included ♐LONE, ♐WINGSET, ♐RETIO and ♐LIMIT (as well as the ♐CAB and ♐MUL series on twitter).

Thumbnail of ♐ZUFCHO

Original Link

Description of video

The video is 0:03 in duration. It contains a ster audio track. A voice in left channel speaks an unknown phrase, sounding something like "azey-kay-yeero". The right channel has the Unknown Voice speaking the letter "E" plus an electronic "log off" sound.

Cleaned-up audio of the spoken words can be heard here: Zufcho-cleanup

Possible meanings

"Zufcho" means "star" in Hebrew. At the time ♐ZUFCHO was posted, the image in the Hebrew-language wikipedia article for "Star" contained an image of the Sagittarius Star Cloud. (see also ♐REVI, which is also possibly a Hebrew word.)