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Stabilitory newing is a YouTube channel that started posting videos on September 3, 2016. The relationship between Stabilitory newing and UFSC is currently unclear, but is related to UFSC by the Third Google+ post:

screencap of third G+ post

  • 9808 is the unicode codepoint for ♐ in decimal, while 8853 is the unicode codepoint for ⊕, which is the leading character in the titles of Stabilitory newing's posts.
  • The date 2016-09-03 is the date of the first video posted the channel, named ⊕BROTHER 0; ♐BROTHER 0 was posted to UFSC's main channel on 2016-09-23, the second date in the G+ post.


The Channel Join date is Aug 24, 2016 Source


  • In September 2016, the channel initially posted a series titled ⊕BROTHER, which consisted of 55 videos.
  • On May 17, 2017, a standalone video named ⊕RATE was posted.
  • Later that same day, the ⊕BELT series began.

Possible significance of name

Anagrams of "stabilitory newing":

  • "initial bytes wrong"
  • "login is betray twin"
    • "Twin" could be a reference to the zodiac sign Gemini, which is the opposite sign to Sagittarius ('Betrayed by the Twins?')

Work on finding information in the visuals

Notes on some ideas on treating the "histograms" as a source of data.


The Twitter account was deleted (apparently by the author(s) Unfavorable Semicircle itself) at the time ♐RESET_STRANGE_YD was uploaded.