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♐SLIM is a short series of four videos uploaded to the second YouTube account. ♐SLIM 0 was posted on October 11, 2016 (the day after ♐HARVEST was posted). ♐SLIM 3 was posted on October 13, 2016, after which there would be nearly a month of silence until ♐RAPID was posted.

Description of videos

The videos have a duration of about twelve minutes (on youtube) and a series of rapidly-flashing frames.

♐SLIM 0 has also has a stereo audio track with different sounds in L and R channels. The audio in the left channel is a solid block of heavily distorted noise (possibly in a loop); the right channel has processed data-type sounds.


SLIM composite.png

♐SLIM composite by thomasf


♐SLIM 0:

♐SLIM 1:

♐SLIM 2:

♐SLIM 3: