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♐RUN is a video posted to the 3rd youtube channel account on January 4, 2018. It is 2:14:24 long and contains a series of moving images.


The audio track begins with a clear handshake, and then around 9 seconds of silence, before about 2 minutes and 14 seconds of loud audio. The audio has a repeating electronic noise with other underlying sounds. Beginning at around 48 seconds, an organ-like chord is audible and changes tone throughout the rest of the audible track.


please elaborate


RUNcomposite 539s673.png

(composite by discord user extra)

Details in composite[edit]

Discord user Rutabaga has observed that (similar to ♐PORT and ♐DEPTH ) there are Morse-like "dots and dashes" in the top left corner of the image.

RUN - morse type header.png

(detail from ♐RUN composite)

Discord user ShadowMorphyn has decoded these as "IGMENADENDNNEGOEMOOM".

"Morse code"[edit]

Following on the analysis of dots and dashes in ♐NODE (which could be decoded as 7-bit ASCII), discord user NKC1982 made a preliminary analysis of the dots and dashes in the top left corner:

  • The black/white pixel code in the top left of the RUN composite yielded some text, but nothing meaningful. Using my method of removing the leading black/white pair and ignoring extra bits got "DYL@Oe@hAb@ns@c_oO" which I'm pretty sure is meaningless.
  • Thinking the @ symbols may be spaces, I tried rotating each byte one bit right and got the following text: '2 4 1 79 1/7' including the quote marks.

Possible Relation to Chicxulub Crater[edit]

The composite compared to the gravity map of the crater, where right is facing north.

The grayscale composite shows a distinct spiral-shaped area that is shaded darker than the majority of the image. Some of the most identifiable features of the composite are the "panhandle" and what looks similar to a circular impact crater. The meteor that formed the crater is said to have caused a mass extinction event about 66 million years ago, a disastrous event possibly being the meaning behind the vague but worrying title "RUN."