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♐ROOT is a presumed series of videos uploaded to the 3rd youtube channel. It began on December 31st, 2018, 78 days after ♐GEN was posted. This was the final content posted on the channel before the 4th G+ post caused a re-appraisal of its aunthenticity.

A Series of one?[edit]

Unusually, no known ♐ROOT videos have yet followed ♐ROOT 0, making it an unusual series with only a single video. If this is considered to be a series, it would be only the second one from this phase.


The video of ♐ROOT 0 contains mostly green frames. According to an analysis by Discord user ungato, there are 47906 total pixels, of which 765 are black.

The audio of ♐ROOT 0 is a continuous mono track that runs the entire length of the video with a low rumbling sound.

Meaning of name[edit]

more to follow!


more to follow!

Videos in the series[edit]

♐ROOT 0: