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The "original unnamed series" is one (or possibly several consecutive) series of over 48,000 videos uploaded to the first YouTube account, starting some time after its creation on March 30, 2015. (The first known UFSC video, ♐980708, was posted on April 5, 2015.) The videos were named only with the Sagittarius symbol (♐) and non-consecutive numbers.

Because of the deletion of the original channel, this series is not fully preserved. add info on how many videos were saved/not saved

Characteristics of original series videos[edit]

These videos set the template for "classic" style UFSC videos. Most were four seconds long, with a single colored frame and the Unknown Voice reciting a single letter or number.

Videos with irregular audio in this series include:

  • silent videos
  • a series of fragments from the "calliope" music heard in ♐DELOCK
  • a "full set" of the voice reciting the full alphabet plus numbers 0 to 9
  • "thumping" or mic bump sounds
  • smooth "thumps"
  • various glitch/distorted/sped-up data sounds
  • "brief noises"
  • "loud tones" that appear to be a streched out version of ♐DELOCK

These appear similar to sounds heard in later UFSC videos, although many here are in a less-distorted form, which may make them worth further study.

Different "seasons"?[edit]

please expand!


original unnamed series composite

original unnamed series composite by tomasfra, ordered by date posted


Through auto-hashing, the preserved videos from the original channel were transcribed.


Videos in this series can be found in this archive: https://mega.nz/#!wjYnGZjI!_FB_B1FXtHt8yTGB43RK4QqAiLPdmi_RX-31ZjQW8qk
Alternatively, they can be found in this archive which contains all of the preserved videos from the original YouTube account: http://www.mediafire.com/file/94a040t5vwsprwx/unfavorable+semicircle.7z