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OR is a short series of videos that were posted on the original youtube account on August 8, 2015. They were also the last videos posted before a four-month gap in posting. (This was, at the time, the longest known gap between posts.) The preceding video posted was ♐LOCK, and the following video (posted in December) was ♐DELOCK. The videos are notable for being one of the exceptional videos on the channel.

There were only four videos in the series:

  • OR_101, 1 minute (60 seconds) long;
  • OR_1601, 16 minutes (960 seconds) long;
  • OR_10001, 1 hour (3600 seconds) long; and
  • OR_110001, 11 hours (39600 seconds) long.

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Meaning of titles

The significance of the operator "OR" in the titles is unclear.

The numbers in the titles can be interpreted as the lengths of the videos: "1:01," "16:01," "1:00:01," and "11:00:01."

Characteristics of OR videos

The OR videos are unusual in several respects:

  • They are silent;
  • They all contain the same still image (orange pixels in a black grid); and
  • The filenames do not have the preceding "♐" symbol.

Unusual playback behavior

A strange effect was discovered on certain TVs that played any of the videos:

This behavior is possibly related to memory glitches from Stagefright exploits.