November 25th tweet

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This was posted to the @unfavorablesemi Twitter account at 3:50 PM EST, November 25, 2017:

Screencap of first tweet.png

The text content of this tweet is: AnXbE+>6N"DfSH(1&

Background and timeline[edit]

  • The creator(s) of UFSC deleted the @unfavorablesemi account on September 15, 2017, shortly after posting ♐RESET STRANGE YD to youtube.
  • in "November 2017" a twitter account with this handle was reactivated. It is undetermined if if was reactivated by the same user(s) as before, or is someone else had simply "claimed" the twitter handle.
    • it appears that a new account can be started using the name of a deactivated twitter account 30 days after its deletion.
  • this tweet was posted at 3:50 PM EST, November 25, 2017.
  • Reddit user "SkinEffect" posted about this tweet on December 6th.
  • Discord user tukkek posted the link to the reddit thread on December 6th at 1:59 PM EST.
  • the twitter account started posting the ♐FMI series at 5:58 PM EST on December 6th, completing the 16 uploads at 6:02 PM EST. (♐DDR DONE was posted a couple minutes later, at 6:04 PM EST)

Conjecture around timeline[edit]

It is open to debate whether this progression of events was deliberate or coincidental — that is to say, was the operator(s) of the @unfavorablesemi account waiting to be "noticed" before adding more content?

Meaning and interpretation[edit]

The meaning of this tweet is currently unclear. It is surmised that it might be base85 text, or encoded by a Caesar shift (a method used in the past by UFSC).