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Introduction on theories

Because so little is understood about UFSC relative to the massive amount of content, theories as the meaning of the project and the intent of the creator(s) abound. This is made more complex because it is not conclusively proven, for example, whether or not there is hidden information encoded in the videos. The very act of creating and distributing such a large number of videos might be the "point" of the project — or they could each be pieces of a massively complicated puzzle.

UFSC theory matrix.jpg

UFSC theories, visually represented

Possible Theories


Unfavorable Semicircle may be an alternate reality game.

Outsider Art

Unfavorable Semicircle exhibits some elements of outsider art — an elaborate "world" whose meaning and internal logic are opaque to external observers. The "art" may be an attempt to relate or explain the author's worldview, or it may solely be created to satisfy the author's creative urges. (See, for example, the works of Henry Darger, Jandek and the maker of the Toynbee tiles.)

Recruitment Puzzle/Test


Steganography is the act of hiding information in plain sight, more or less "Security through obscurity". What good is knowing how to crack any conceivable code if you don't know the code exists in the first place?

A feasible example of Steganography would be hiding images within other images using "least significant bit" encoding. The LSB of each color is changed slightly, the changes are not perceivable, but are only revealed when an original and almost identical image is XORed with the modified image.

Penetration Testing/Memory Fuzzing/Whitehat Hacking

  • The idea is that the video may be carrying a payload or is affecting memory elsewhere when played through memory leaks. This would be a significant exploit and would be a huge deal.
  • Idea by /u/FesterCluck
  • More specifically, FesterCluck believed the entity behind UFSC is pen-testing for a GPU RAM exploit via YouTube (or video content in general).
  • This is a bit of a controversial theory. Many of us are not sure how this would work, or if it is even possible, but as of now hasn't been proven either way.
  • Original reddit post and discussion here
  • More info on Discord user festercluck's theories on Stagefright and Rowhammer exploits.


Long short-term memory (LSTM) is a recurrent neural network (RNN) architecture. Some analysis on its possible relationship to UFSC can be found here.

Work of a Disturbed Mind

Unlikely Theories

UFSC is a viral advertising campaign

  • Unlikely due to the length of the project and seeming lack of purpose.


  • Same as above

Clandestine Communications/Numbers Stations Style Communication

  • Multiple accounts with "Bread crumbs" leading to other accounts
  • Posts seemingly directed at us

Debunked theories with evidence

UFSC is a test by or affiliated with google, much like Webdriver Torso

  • The first YouTube channel was banned on (date) due to multiple terms of service violations.
  • Unfavorable Semicircle also created a twitter account, so we know that it isn't YouTube specific.

UFSC is a script run amok

  • Not likely due to the human behaviors it is exhibiting, and deliberately hidden messages like composites.
  • UFSC was able to create new accounts, has new content, and switch platforms. They have also deliberately tried to lead people to their other channels and platforms.

Other extreme theories

UFSC is an alien message from Sagittarius

  • All videos of the current channels have got the Sagittarius symbol.
  • All further mentions of aliens WILL be removed.