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Waterfall view of the Handshake, taken from ♐ZUFCHO.

The Handshake, sometimes also referred to as Sign-off or Log-off is a short sound clip, typically lasting shorter than one second, that can be heard in several of Unfavorable Semicircle's videos. The sound is mostly heard at the end of audio tracks, consisting of what is likely a low, distorted sine wave that increases in frequency.


Judging by the Handshake's location in the audio tracks, which is typically at the very end, it is likely that this is a header to mark the end of a portion of data. Occasionally, the Handshake appears at the start of the audio, possibly implying a sort of connection between other occurrences of the Handshake. It is also possible that this is a notification sound that could indicate the function of a computer program, such as a signal to begin or stop audio recording.


Similar Features

View of the Handshake, microphone static at four times the speed, and the microphone static normally. Note the higher frequency near the end of the microphone static.

A similar low, bass noise can be heard in ♐574016 after each spoken character. The noise heard between characters appears to be a sort of reverb feedback. It may also be important to notice that the Handshake appears in its normal form at the beginning of this video's audio.

During the last second of DDR_DONE, uploaded to Twitter, a second bass noise can be heard. This occurrence features a descending tone unlike the Handshakes found in many other videos. It is possible that the entire length of the sound was clipped due to the video ending abruptly. Within the same video, what sounds like white noise captured by a microphone can be heard about eleven seconds in, having a rising frequency similar to that of the traditional Handshake.