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The third post on the unfavorable semicircle G+ page was posted on 2016-09-22.

The text reads:



screencap of third G+ post

At around the same time (although the precise timing is unclear) ♐MAX_TEND was renamed ♐MAX_TEND MALFORM. The next day, new videos (♐RECOVER and ♐BROTHER) started appearing after a two-month hiatus.

Interpretations of this post

The latter parts of the numbers can be interpreted as two dates: 2016-23-9 and 2016-3-9 (Year-Day-Month). These refer to the dates that Stabilitory newing and the new unfavorable semicircle channel started posting new videos.

9808 is the unicode codepoint for ♐ in decimal, which precedes the titles of all unfavorable semicircle videos. 8853 is ⊕ (CIRCLED PLUS) ([source), which precedes the titles of all Stabilitory newing videos.

⊕ may refer to