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♐FORM is series of videos currently being uploaded to the 3rd youtube channel. The first video was posted on December 31st, 2019, exactly one year after ♐ROOT 0, the channel's previous upload. This was the first content posted on the channel after the 4th G+ post caused a re-appraisal of its authenticity. The second video (♐FORM 1) was uploaded on January 2nd, 2020, making FORM a legitimate series, unlike ♐ROOT.

Although it was theorized that a "full" series (based on analysis of the composites) might include 24 videos, only three have been posted, with nothing (yet) following the posting of ♐FORM 2 on January 5, 2020.


more to follow!

Meaning of name[edit]

more to follow!


Discord user Chris notes that, "FORM 2's audio really resembles something that would be time stretched I can hear the stuttering and rubber banding. The artifacts are visible on the spectrogram when one section changes into another."

Time stretching 1 by chris.png

And adds: "At least they are something that audacity does with the low quality time stretch. Here's a sample of my voice with the same behaviour:"

Time stretching 2 by chris.png



(composite of ♐FORM 0, 1 + 2 1by discord user mark A Hidden Waffle, who adds: "[n]ote that making a composite directly, they aren't all lined up in the same spot, so I just moved parts around in gimp to make it line up".)

The composite forms a color gradient. mark mcmarkins observes, "if the composite is meant to be a square then there will be 24 FORMs (also assuming i got the width right)."

There is a pattern of some sort visible in the right edge of the composite:

FORM 0 - right side detail.png

(detail from ♐FORM 0)

3-D Composite[edit]

none yet!

Videos in the series[edit]

♐FORM 0:

♐FORM 1: