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♐DELOCK is a video posted to the original UFSC YouTube channel on December 29, 2015. It was the first video posted after a lengthy hiatus. (The previous postings were the OR videos on August 8th.) This video in particular has garnered a larger amount of attention as it was among the first non-series videos discovered on the original account.

The ♐DELOCK visual can be considered an iconic image in the UFSC canon.

A sped up GIF of ♐DELOCK

This is a mirrored video.

Description of video

The video is 2:52 in duration. The video shows a white grid-like shape on a black background. Colored pixels shift around the grid. It contains a dual mono audio track with "calliope"/ragtime-type music. The Unknown Voice spells out "IANNOP6" near the beginning (similar to the spelling of "FREEBIRD3" in MAX_TEND).

Relationship to original unnamed series

Some of the numbered videos from the Original unnamed series appear to be snippets of ♐DELOCK.reference

♐DELOCK audio comparison

This screenshot by discord user Unfavorablist shows the audio from ♐DELOCK open at the bottom with several fragments from the Original unnamed series aligned in corresponding positions.

Significance and meaning

  • Due to the name it has long been suspected that this video is the key to deciphering any concealed messages that other videos might contain.


Reddit user AvarisX31 has suggested that there might be a conceptional relationship with the computation concept of "deadlock", described as "a state in which each member of a group is waiting for some other member to take action, such as sending a message or more commonly releasing a lock."

There is a visual affinity with the UFSC ♐DELOCK image and an illustration of the concept in the wiki article:

Deadlock at a four-way-stop.gif

By Marble machine - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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