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♐CFO is a video posted to the 3rd youtube channel on August 17, 2018. It was posted 83 days (or 2 months and 22 days) after ♐DIFF. It is 1:05:56 in length and consists of a series of flashing colored frames. ♐GEN would follow 58 days later.


This video has no audio.


2-D Composite[edit]

Cfo composite.png

(composite by discord user mark america great again)

It has been noted by Discord user ShadowMorphyn that there are three sphere distortions in this composite.

3-D Composite[edit]


(3-D composite by discord user tukkek)


(3-D composite by discord user tukkek – alternate rendering)

It has been noted by Discord user tukkek that the 3-D composite has "an internal structure... [that] looks like a cradle".

Possible Meanings of Name[edit]