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♐BRING is a video posted to the second youtube account on June 2, 2017. It was the first video posted on the main account since ♐LANYARD, twenty-one days earlier. In the interim, ⊕RATE and ⊕BELT were posted to Stabilitory newing.

Original Link

Description of video[edit]

The video is 6:10 in length, with a series of rapidly-flashing frames in the "traditional" UFSC style.

Audio & analysis[edit]

The audio is in mono, with a heavily-distorted track. (The audio is 5.736 dB above clipping.)

Significance of name and relationship to other videos[edit]

The significance of the name 'bring' is as yet unclear. It falls into an unusually number of series and videos that begin with the letters B and R (♐BRILL, ♐BRINE, ♐BROTHER, ♐BREADTH, and ♐BROAD).

At 6:10, the video is identical in length to the videos in Stabilitory newing's ⊕BELT series.

It could also be a reference to Erland Samuel Bring, a Swedish mathematician, historian and astronomer who is remembered for the development of the algebraic concept known as Bring radicals.


2D Composite[edit]

♐BRING composite by extra, width 147 pixels

♐BRING composite by extra, width 147 pixels

♐BRING composite by extra, width 73.5 pixels

♐BRING composite by extra, width 73.5 pixels

3D Composite[edit]

videos of this style generally do not create 3-D composites.