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♐BREADTH is series of two videos uploaded to the second YouTube account. ♐BREADTH 0 was posted on December 5, 2016 (the day after ♐FOLD was posted). ♐BREADTH 1 was posted on December 6, 2016 (the day before ♐STEM was posted).

This series is noteworthy for its role in the discovery of 3-D Composites.

Breadth animated 3-d render (small).gif

An animated version of the 3-D composite, generated by extra

Description of videos

The videos are approximately 7:18:06 in length and contain a series of rapidly-flashing frames.

The videos have a silent stereo audio track.

Possible relationship to other UFSC videos

  • "breadth" seems clearly conceptually related to ♐DEPTH (and, following on that logic, ♐SLIM may be a stand-in for the third dimension.)
  • another form of this same word was used for the name of the ♐BROAD series.


2-D Composites

BREADTH composite.jpg

♐BREADTH composite by thomasf (n.b.: image uploaded to this wiki as a jpg due to file size restrictions)

  • this composite was made at 1000 pixels in width; further investigation is needed to find the "right" width.

3-D Composite

Breadth 3-D composite - view 1.png

screencap of 3-D ♐BREADTH composite

Breadth 3-D composite - view 2.png

screencap of 3-D ♐BREADTH composite


♐BREADTH 0: (Original)

♐BREADTH 1: (Original)