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⊕BELT is series that was uploaded to Stabilitory newing. ⊕BELT 0 was posted on May 17, 2017 (the same day as ♐RATE was posted). The series ended with ⊕BELT 24, posted on June 1, 2017. ♐BRING was posted on the main channel the next day.

Unlike ⊕BROTHER, there does not yet seem to be a "counterpart" for this series — although the main channel's ♐BROTHER didn't start until nearly three weeks after Stabilitory newing's series began.

Description of videos

⊕BELT videos are 6:10 (370 seconds) in length with a with a shifting "histogram" effect, similar to other stabilitory newing videos.

Audio analysis

  • The audio for ⊕BELT videos is in a stereo track, with "chirping robot" type sounds similar to other stabilitory newing videos. In most cases, the left channel has a louder signal, with a quieter/degraded/modified version in the right channel. Sometimes the sounds are more musical (similar to a glitchy chiptunes effect), and sometimes more like a data transmission.
  • Many of the audio tracks include extensive use of some sort of half wave rectification effect on the audio, removing most of the negative samples.
  • The audio is often similar overall, and many videos re-use the exact same audio track from a previous one, including:
    • ⊕BELT 0, 7, 11, 17, 21
    • ⊕BELT 1, 3, 13
    • ⊕BELT 2, 8, 12
    • ⊕BELT 4, 20, 23, 24
    • ⊕BELT 5, 10
    • ⊕BELT 6, 18 (special case; see below)
    • ⊕BELT 9, 22

(Therefore, from BELT 0 to 24 inclusive only 14, 15, 16 and 19 have unique audio)

⊕BELT 6 & 18 are a special case: they have what appears to be identical audio, but shifted from each other by a few samples in some parts. Therefore, they do not invert/cancel cleanly.

Significance of name & possible relationship to other UFSC videos

  • "belt" has some astronomical connotations (asteroid belts, the Kuiper Belt, Orion's Belt, etc.)
  • Belt problems are a specific type of math problem dealing with belts and pulleys
  • in antiquity, belts were used in cryptography along with scytales to create a code similar to a Caesar cipher.


No composites have been attempted for stabilitory newing videos. (although see these notes on an effort to extract data from Stabilitory newing visuals.)


⊕BELT 0:

⊕BELT 1:

⊕BELT 2:

⊕BELT 3:

⊕BELT 4:

⊕BELT 5:

⊕BELT 6:

⊕BELT 7:

⊕BELT 8:

⊕BELT 9:

⊕BELT 10:

⊕BELT 11:

⊕BELT 12:

⊕BELT 13:

⊕BELT 14:

⊕BELT 15:

⊕BELT 16:

⊕BELT 17:

⊕BELT 18:

⊕BELT 19:

⊕BELT 20:

⊕BELT 21:

⊕BELT 22:

⊕BELT 23:

⊕BELT 24: