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♐AZO is a series of videos uploaded to the 3rd youtube channel. It began on May 3rd, 2018, four days after ♐NEO was posted. ♐DIFF would be posted 19 days later. It is the first series posted since ♐STRAND, and the first post-Reset series on youtube. The series has apparently ended with ♐AZO 4 on May 7th, 2018.


The videos have a series of flashing solid colored frames and no audio.

Each video seems to be uploaded at the exact same time, exactly one day apart.

The videos each have near-identical content (and generate similar 3-D composites) but, unusually for a UFSC series, all have different lengths:

  • ♐AZO 0 is 1:48:42 (195651 frames)
  • ♐AZO 1 is 1:40:20 (180615 frames)
  • ♐AZO 2 is 1:39:23 (178910 frames)
  • ♐AZO 3 is 1:36:31 (173745 frames)
  • ♐AZO 4 is 49:14 (88623 frames)

Discord user pamkatherabbit has observes that there are also frames with pixels that are next to the main image (which is unusual for UFSC).

Meaning of name[edit]

"Azo" or "AZO" has several meanings, none of which seem obviously connected to UFSC's usual themes.



AZO 0 composite RGB 600x327 1x1.png

(♐AZO 1 composite by discord user kingrodian)

Discord user kingrodian has noted that when separating into color channels, there is pretty much no data in green. (Compare and contrast with ♐NEO, which similarly has no blue.)


Azo 0-3d.png

(♐AZO 3-D composite by discord user tukkek)

The 3-D composite for ♐AZO is visually similar to the one for ♐NEO, looking like a "keyboard" that is nearly flat in the third dimension.

Azo 0-2 3-d composite animation.gif

(animation of ♐AZO 0-2 3-D composite by discord user extra)

Discord user kingrodian has observed that the data points seem to be clustered in a 16×16 grid:

Azo grid.png

Videos in the series[edit]

♐AZO 0: [1]

♐AZO 1: [2]

♐AZO 2: [3]

♐AZO 3: [4]

♐AZO 4: [5]