unfavorablesem AMA

Note: this is a raw copy of this file.

TOP 10

  1. Why did you decide to come public now?

  2. If you are truly UFSC, can you share conclusive proof? Source-code and a source-image (“composite”) that result in a reproducible video, for example? Or how to find something new in the videos the community isn’t already aware of?

  3. What is the meaning of sagittarius and gemini for the project?

  4. What is the relationship between LOCK, DELOCK, and REDLOC?

  5. The community has suspected there was some back-and-forth between people trying to solve the project and UFSC. Were you actively watching the solving effort? If so, what were your thoughts and how did it affect the ongoing project?

  6. What was the goal of UFSC?

  7. What’s the source image(s) for each composite?

  8. What was on the livestream everyone missed?

  9. Was this a solo effort or were multiple people involved, directly or indirectly?

  10. Would you be willing to release an archive of all the content created for UFSC? Many would appreciate a centralized location to explore, admire, and mess about with this material.

TOP 30

  1. You mention a poem that wasn’t found, what else did you intend to be found that wasn’t?

  2. How much did we get right? How much have we missed?

  3. Why did you quote me out of nowhere? It was past midnight and I get a ping suddenly UFSC comes out of nowhere and tweets what I said in Discord months ago lol

  4. The project has exploded in terms of popularity with coverage by the BBC, millions of views on YouTube and still popping up as one the web’s most famous mysteries even in the past couple of years. Were you surprised by reaching such exposure and what was your reaction to it?

  5. Could you please release a transcription of the speech in CREM and ZUFCHO? Who or what is the source of the “unknown voice” we’ve been hearing in your videos?

  6. Did you ever directly communicate with anyone involved in the search (either under the name of UFSC or under a pseudonym?)

  7. Hey, I’m /u/LaunchOurRocket, the Reddit user who “discovered” your work back in 2015. I found your original channel totally by accident, and I’m wondering… Did you start uploading with a plan to promote anything? How long did you think it would take for your project to get noticed? Are there aspects of it people still haven’t solved?

  8. Can you describe the process behind making UFSC videos?

  9. What does I AM NOT H and FREEBIRD3 mean? from @Mike & Rich - reg

  10. UFSC was composed of many series and one-shot videos. How and why did you decide to organize the content in this way?

  11. How did you make all these videos? What was the process/software used?

  12. Why was the reset done and why were the videos deleted one by one?

  13. Why did you quote scottywiththebody#1828 from discord, word for word? What is your discord account(s) name?

  14. What is the significance of MAX_TEND and why was it MALFORMed?

  15. was FOND actually named after freezepond?

  16. If you could go back in time and start over, what would you do differently this time?

  17. I am ready for anything - What made you choose Sagittarius?

  18. What’s the story behind STABILITORY NEWING and what was its intended purpose in context of UFSC?

  19. What were your motivations for this project? Pleased with the outcome?

  20. Why did you choose to call your channel “Unfavorable Semicircle”?


  1. Can you post the original clean audio of the monologue in CREM and/or a transcription of the text recited? (from @alexanderpanos )

  2. Do you have any other projects/art you make? @Mike & Rich - reg

  3. What was Stabilitory Newing?

  4. Besides Webdriver Torso, which you list as a direct inspiration, what other web projects have picked your interest - either in relation to UFSC or just a personal level?

  5. Do the letters and numbers in the early videos have a meaning?

  6. Can we expect more projects in the future?

  7. Was the BREADTH composite intentional or a coincidence?

  8. Why the Handshake?

  9. was the symbol described on the handshake analysis page unfavorablesemicircle.com/Handshake intentional? could just be funky audio after all idk

  10. was it all just you? or were there several people?

  11. some of UFSC videos would play extremely differently in some devices, or cause playback errors and glitches (or even phones to shut their screens down, allegedly). was this intended? (OR being one of the best-documented examples)

  12. what was the process of naming the videos? did you come up with them randomly or was there a meaning behind some of them? (on that note, what does “jalvinsach” mean?)

  13. Despite the project’s “vague meanings”, the project has some consistent themes: astronomy, astrology, steganography, number stations… how did these fit into your artistic vision for UFSC?

  14. Is this you or are you associated with the redditor who posted this www.reddit.com/r/ARG/comments/tib4fj/i_was_part_of_the_unfavorablesemicircle_arg_ask/

  15. Are you planning to do any more?

  16. how much was UFSC a project to explore the technical aspects of youtube as a platform, artistically or otherwise?

  17. did you make money off of UFSC?

  18. Was the “Recalled” mystery related to this project in any way?

  19. What was going on in CREM and LOVE?

  20. Why the clear distinction between Unfavorable Semicircle and Stabilitory Newing and “OT”?

  21. What was your reaction to having your sizeable body of work removed by YouTube overnight?

  22. Did you expect the project to catch as much attention as it did?

  23. Thoughts on the fake 3rd channel/other “style recreations”, what was it like to see someone trying to imitate your project?

  24. why did the “fake” channel that used a double ♐ for each video exist? (it was mentioned in the last g+ post)

  25. also, did the account that popped up after the second one got deleted have anything to do with the “real” ufsc?

  26. were there any spinoffs or impersonators that you thought were good/did a good job?

  27. is there a reason the third youtube channel was omitted from the G+ post listing the accounts connected to you?

  28. What are the “true” composites of the partially-preserved twitter series? (EL, RIA, LEE etc…)

  29. Was there any significance to using the songs “Away Down East In Maine” and “Homesick?” (Did they contain any further clues?)

  30. Were there ever any physical clues/artifacts located in the real world that the solvers were intended to find?

  31. What is the idea behind DELOCK? Is something hidden in DELOCK that was missed?

  32. What was being portrayed in LOVE?

  33. Your early videos showed signs of attempting to learn about Youtube’s algorithms, Android Stagefright / Mpeg exploits, and came out just as Youtube was facing the problems of ffmpeg. We never found anything malicious, can you tell us more about these early efforts?

  34. The song “Homesick” was found because it autoplayed after “Away Down East In Maine.” Was this somehow calculated, or was it a total coincidence that it played after?

  35. Did you intentionally try to make the videos aesthetically off-putting, uncanny, with loud noises and flashes…? If so, why was that a goal for the project?

  36. What lessons did you learn from this project on an artistic or personal level?

  37. What’s from you, and what’s from copycats?

  38. in addition twitter.com/kascinde/status/1505254140175339524 is there any truth to this claim?

  39. are you reg?

  40. What is with the EM signals in the BROTHER videos? How were they made?

  41. what was foffy-cotton?

  42. why did stabilitory newing videos have numbers in the captions?

  43. Any idea what the tweet AnXbE+>6N”DfSH(1&: means?e