Spokeo selfie

Discord user Parogar found a selfie-type image (via spokeo.com) allegedly associated with the email unfavorablesemicircle@gmail.com.

Note that the website could have just been showing a random picture as a strategy to sell the full service to possible customers (instead of a message “no related images found”) - if that’s the case, the image itself is useless and could be completely random.

As of January 2020, it was noted that the image comes from a dating site and a profile registered under unfavorablesemicircle@gmail.com. On a dating site that requires email verification, this image could be a real photo of UFSC’s creator.

{see discission in the Discord’s #solving channel on 2018-05-18}



This profile was found on the dating site Plenty of Fish:


It was later observed that “Spokeo ignores email suffixes”, creating false positive search results (and Discord user mark the third added that the site “has hundreds of false entries for my own email”). It is generally agreed that this finding is a red herring.

{see discission in the Discord’s #solving channel on 2018-01-27/28}