♐STEM is a video posted to the second youtube account on December 7,

  1. It was posted a day after the second (and last) video in the ♐BREADTH series.

Description of video

The video is 9:15:33 seconds in length. The visuals contain a series of flashing frames. There is no audio.

Significance of name

The name doesn’t seem particularly related to any of the more esoteric meanings of the word. Regarding the generic context of “stems” and “branches” it is somewhat suggestive, but that gives no clear meaning.


 STEM Composite by hellajt.png

♐STEM composite by hellajt

Notes on composite

Discord user hellajt notes: “STEM is exactly 33333 seconds long, and has exactly 1,000,000 keyframes (1000 x 1000)”