This is a compendium of work done to re-create videos in the manner of UFSC.

Freezepond’s video

This proof-of-concept video used this source picture:

 Bering original picture.png

which renders this composite:

 Bering composite.png

(Freepond notes: “The entirety of [the source picture] wasn’t “ufsc-ized” though just because that would make the video too long”)

Extra’s videos

This video was created by discord user extra.

It creates this composite:


His notes on the process:

i loaded up an imagine in photoshop, threw some gaussian noise at it, and then extracted each pixel as a single image then used a script to scale up each image to 50x50 and placed a random amount of pixels at a random amount of random points and then stitched it together with ffmpeg and the sound is pocsag i yanked off a youtube video