FEND is a series posted to the second YouTube account between May 26 and June 4,

  1. There are 20 videos in the series (numbered 0 - 19).


Through videos all have an identical length of 27:46, for a total of about 50,000 frames per video.

The composites made from the videos are generally color gradients.


2-D Composite

Composite by tomasf: http://tomasf.se/projects/semi/FEND_composite.png ; it is a long image with several colored bars.

It is worth noting that one section near the beginning of the combined gradient composite had an “island” like object in it:

 FEND object in 2-d composite.png

detail from ♐FEND 2-d composite, showing “island”-type object.png

3-D Composite

3D composite by tomasf: http://tomasf.se/projects/semi/stl.html?path=FEND_composite3D.stl ; several planes crossing through each other with some mountain-like shapes.

 FEND 3-d composite, view 1.png

♐FEND 3-D composite, view 1

 FEND 3-d composite, view 2.png

♐FEND 3-D composite, view 1


The audio in the FEND videos (at least so far) can be divided into three sub-groups. The sub-groups can be distinguished by their identical audio content.

SUB-GROUP A is identified by a ~2s. scratching-type noise.

SUB-GROUP B is identified by a ~1:27 “heartbeat” sound with a large DC offset (~ -.749)

SUB-GROUP C is identified by a ~20:18 throb/rumble sound with a large DC offset (~-.7275)

Method of Testing for Audio Similarity

For each of the groups, /u/Unfavorablist opened two separate FEND sound tracks in Audacity. /u/Unfavorablist then inverted one and did a mix. Identical but inverted tracks should cancel each other out perfectly, as these did.