♐CREM is a video posted to the second YouTube account on May 24, 2016.

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The video is 1:33 in duration and contains shifting black and white horizontal lines. The first 41 seconds contain a stereo audio track with distorted speech.

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CREM Dialogue Isolated: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r1jjlj822c9yngv/CREM%20Dialogue%20Isolated.wav?dl=0


Within this video, there is a single person or two people talking together (there is debate as to which). Several redditors have made efforts to transcribe them. Here are all the transcriptions.

Fiddlerblue’s transcription

“You [stand on a - still are a] stupid man.

The problem [of a - is there] somewhere.

(inaudible) [stupid lie].

(inaudible) [when] the direction is right,

[what do you think will] happen?

(inaudible) to [be very - the very] round.

[Wake up]. You’re wasting my time.

(inaudible) Do I frighten you?

[He’s stuck up - That stuck up - That Somehow](inaudible)[episode - so]? I really can’t tell what he’s saying here.

The truth is (inaudible) allocated.

[Such a lie is a - So much work for such a] stupid thing.

[Just set off the mine] [and watch it] [widget - would you]” Again, can’t really tell what he’s saying here either.

thisiss transcription

[inaudible - phonetically it sounds like “the fellow equipment”]

“Will soon be frightened”

“That somehow a system is behind the code”

“The truth is […ently] allocated”

“Such as [i think it’s “Lies” but it gets clipped and so it sounds like another syllable in there] and secrecy”

[i can’t understand this one either - but i think your translation is phonetically accurate - maybe ‘wish it’ instead of ‘watch it’ - that section is choppy and could be another syllable there]

thisiss Transcription Before Audio Clean Up

i can confirm it’s [ironman?]

the time is a post somewhere [or: the time is opposed somewhere]

[….] sitting there

[also?] the generational divide


[oh my god] to the bitter end

[“and oh my god”] i wish i could make sense

[? … … “ the children” … … ?] frightened… … … [? ?]

that somehow the system is behind the code.

the truth is definitely allocated

such as [oxygen-fipper-feen? centipede?]

the proof [or truth?] is all the sound is working