biomass is a copycat YouTube channel, posting videos similar to Unfavorable Semicircle and stabilitory newing. Its sister channel is one divided by zero, which is clearly linked by having a single video by the name of “biomass” (both channels also feature each other in their sidebars).

The videos on this channel very clearly try to mimic UFSC, even going as far as having a handshake, similar video and audio.

Going dark

On October 1, 2017, a Discord user posted one of the channel’s videos, “RETURN” to the chat in a mocking manner. Shortly after that, a new video was uploaded to the channel, entitled “209”, again being posted to the chat. Minutes after that the entire content of the channel was set to unlisted, meaning that the videos are no longer accessible from the channel’s page on YouTube but are still accessible through direct links.

The timing of the new upload and the “closing” of the channel was very likely directly caused by the discussion in the Discord server, considering it all happened in tandem - if not that, then the serendipity is notable. One could assume the new upload was made as a “response” to being mentioned in the chat while the unlisting of all videos could be a response to the criticism received, as users in the chat were discussing it being a lower-quality fake of the real UFSC. Of course, as with the original, it’s impossible to know for sure unless the author comes forward with his own reasoning.

However, the fact that they seem to be watching the Discord channel closely makes it evident that they are only a fake, as the Discord server acts as a community hub and thus one would assume they are also “fans” of the original author(s) - giving more weight to the prevalent opinion that this is indeed not a genuine UFSC account.


Sometime over the course of 2018, the channel has since deleted all of its old videos and begun uploading newer videos with radically different content than the original uploads. ¨one divided by zero¨ was deleted. The channel still seems to respond to the UFSC Discord (deleted two videos after they were linked in a channel).