Real and Fake channels

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Real Channels[edit]

Name Service Notes Link
Unfavorable Semicircle Youtube Original channel, Now banned ID was: UClZgZSNNQkhncRVj6lmNpWw
@unfavorablesemi Twitter Twitter Account, Currently active
unfavorablesemi Youtube New Youtube, Most recently active
Stabilitory newing Youtube
unfavorable semicircle Google Plus G+ post 1, G+ post 2, G+ post 3

Fake Channels[edit]

Name Service Notes Link
unfavorable semicircle Youtube Copycat/Reposts
unfavorable semicircle cz (Studio Hello neighbour) Youtube a camera/phone filming a computer screen watching UFSC videos. Audible breathing, some background chatter, presumably in Czech
  • *As of Feb 9, 2017 the channel's name is now "Studio Hello neighbour" and has deleted all prior references of "unfavorable semicircle CZ"
    unfavorable semicircle 2 Youtube
    • one video, named "INTRO ±±"
    • a watermark from movie making software kizoa in the top left corner
    • the phrase "unfavorable semicircle 2" scrolls across the screen
    • at different sizes and several angles, a string of numbers scrolls across the screen: first (in shaded text) F89A01 (possibly a hex color code?) then (in fading text that gets increasingly difficult to decipher) "36295209260910CD9D4E3896A00F2F1F674500925EBB73B89313001F02078495CD"
    • this channel is also subscribed to a "dank meme" channel
    Unfavorable Semicircle Youtube
    • Posts optical illusion type videos
    • Replies to comments


    Name Service Notes Link
    Unmaker Rectangle Youtube Now banned
    unfavorable semicircle ♐ Youtube Only two videos
    missed operate YouTube Appears lower on search results when searching YouTube for "Unfavorable Semicircle"
    UFO Alien YouTube Description of channel is "Unfavorable Semicircle." Appears to just reupload random videos all with titles in different languages