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♐HARVEST is a video posted to the second youtube account on October 10, 2016. It was posted five days after the conclusion of the ♐BROTHER series and a day before the beginning the the ♐SLIM series.

It is noteworthy for including a string of text from the Wikipedia article on "Art". (see below)

Description of video[edit]

At 9:43:20, this is one of the longest videos posted by Unfavorable Semicircle. The visuals contain a flickering series of colored frames.

The audio is a mono track with a variety of data transmission type sounds throughout.

Audio analysis[edit]

There is a sort of structure to the audio, with a series of "spikes" that sound like there are LIMIT-style noises mixed in with the data transmission sounds. It starts with the same log-on/log-off "handshake" noise from the end of ♐ZUFCHO.

The Unknown Voice speaks the letter "B" (or possibly "E") near the start and again a number of times throughout the video (it could be at other places, especially inside the louder spikes, but initial analysis has found the letter repeated at 0:06:58, 1:08:48, 3:21:15, 4:20:06, 4:44:33, 6:13:34, 6:20:32, 6:25:38, 6:33:04 and 6:38:52) — there is no obvious pattern to these repetitions. Immediately after the "loud" section ending at 4:43, the voice counts from 0 to 9.

There is an "interlude" at 6:44:33 (preceded by a handshake/log-off sound) of quieter wump/mic bump type noises that lasts approximately three minutes and forty-five seconds.

There are also several unusual noises throughout the video, including a "calliope"/♐DELOCK type noise at 5:44:33, and data transmission tics at 6:06:45.

Further analysis, especially within the "spikes" will probably reveal further anomalies.

Significance of name[edit]

Besides the obvious autumnal resonance of the name, it has been noted that the video was posted on Canadian Thanksgiving.


Harvest composite by hellajt.png

♐HARVEST composite by hellajt


HARVEST composite.png

♐HARVEST composite by thomasf

Significance of Composite[edit]

The ♐HARVEST composite contains three "panels" — the top half is clearly related to the ♐DEPTH composite, although the bottom half (and the relationship between the parts) is unknown.

The angled line in the lower right section is similar to the line in ♐RECOVER.

Text in composite[edit]

It was discovered by thomasf that the lower area of the top right "panel" contains contains tiny text (black, with green/gray outline around it) which cites the beginning of the Wikipedia page for Art:

HARVEST text.png

closeup of text in ♐HARVEST composite (from thomasf's composite)

HARVEST text2.png

same as above, but with corresponding text added for clarity

Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts – artworks, expressing the author's

Wikipedia art screencap.jpg

screencap of Wikipedia article on "Art" — note the slightly different punctuation than used in the composite

It is possible that this is a straightforward message from the creator(s) of Unfavorable Semicircle that the entire project is meant to be considered as art — or this could merely be found text placed in the image for some other unknown reason — possibly to demonstrate that the project's videos can be used as a means to encode "text" messages.

If is worth noting that although the ♐HARVEST video was posted on October 10th, the version of the text from the Wikipedia article changed from the way it is reproduced in the composite on June 21st.